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Wedding Invitation Tracker

A wedding is the biggest event of one’s life, and everyone wants to share this happiness with his/her friends and family members. Wedding invitations are prepared to invite your friends and family members to the wedding, and for this purpose, you have to make sure that the invitations are carefully sent to all relatives and friends. If you forget to send an invitation card to any of your friend or relative, he/she may become angry with you.

In order to avoid any trouble, you can design a tracking sheet, or download ready to use wedding invitation tracker template. It will help you to send invitations to all people without any mistake.

A wedding is a biggest social gathering of your friends and family members. In a family wedding, it is important to invite all your relatives and with the help of a tracking template, you can prepare a list of all relatives and friends. In the template, you can input the name of guests, party date, relation with the bride and groom as well as address.

wedding invitation trackerA wedding ceremony is incomplete without friends and family members; therefore the presence of all people is necessary. It will be excited to have everyone on your big day, and the wedding invitation tracker template will make your work important. It is common to forget anyone while preparing invitation cards, but the list will make sure to avoid this mistake.


Work Order Tracker

There is lots of work for the company to do on a regular basis to run their business successfully. They have to deal with hundreds of the clients. Usually, they have lots of projects to work on and it is hard to remember every bit of it. This can be difficult for the project manager to remember everything, and for this purpose, they can prepare a list to record all projects with their delivery time.

The work order tracker template is specifically designed to serve this purpose. You can write details of the project, delivery time, a number of a work order, requested by and assigned to. This information will be beneficial for you.

With the help of this template, the companies can easily manage workload on a regular basis. You can record dozens of projects by following a proper tracking tool. You will surely feel comfortable at completing all orders at the right time. It is obvious that any unforgotten record can create trouble for your business.

work order trackerFor instance, if you have to meet the requirements of 5 clients on a regular basis, then without a written record, it will be difficult to manage all of them together. This is the reason for the designing of work order tracking template.


BP & Blood Glucose Trackers

Blood pressure is a most common disease. If you are suffering from blood pressure irregularities, do not take it easy, because hypertension can lead you to different other issues including heart attack and failure of the nervous system.

The normal blood pressure of a healthy person is 80mmHg and 120mmHg. Low blood pressure and high blood pressure both are equally dangerous. If the blood pressure increases than its normal limit, it can lead to the sudden death. High blood pressure is more dangerous than low blood pressure. Usually, doctors advise a patient of a good number to keep a complete record of blood pressure during different hours of the day.

Blood Pressure Tracker

The blood pressure tracker template is specifically designed to record your upper and lower blood pressure in the morning, evening and night. It is easy to keep the record of blood pressure with this printable template. You will get space for date, time, readings and important notes. It enables you to consult your healthcare professional by providing him/her with a complete record of blood pressure during the whole day. You can record your blood pressure and heart rate at regular intervals. There are different sections to write systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It is important to keep a record for the better health.

Blood Sugar Tracker

Normal Blood sugar range is equally important for the body, nervous system, muscles and different other parts of the body. Lots of food items that we eat have a specific amount of carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, and fats. Glucose is important for the body, therefore, your body should have the ability to produce glucose, according to the requirements of your body.

The lower and excessive amount of sugar can be dangerous because it can lead you toward several diseases such as heart failure. In order to avoid this kind of situation, it is important for your body to produce enough amount of insulin to maintain the blood sugar level.

About Template

The blood sugar tracker template is designed to track the blood sugar of your body. Once your body stops the production of insulin, it means that the excess sugar remains in your body instead of its transfer to blood. It is a tool to track the blood sugar to control your diabetes. You have to regularly check your blood sugar and write it on the sheet.

blood pressure and glucose tracker

The sample template has every column according to your requirements, just input your details and analyze the previous results with a new one. It is an assistant tool for the diabetes patients.


Donation Tracker Template

In this uncertain world, no one knows about the upcoming events, and it is not possible to get ready for everything. You can’t prepare for natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and land sliding in advance, because there is no idea about their time, and you can’t be ready before time. In order to handle this situation, rich and wealthy people make donations. The donations are used to help victims, and it is important to convey the money to the right person. There can be some black sheep in your organizations that can use this money for their own benefits. Its simple solution is record keeping, and for this purpose, you can use donation tracker template.

The given tracker template is designed to enter the donation amount with the date and the name of the person who is donating the amount. In such types of situations, the people give money, clothes, shoes and food items. Different non-profit organizations require donations to complete their different tasks. A donation is a famous way to get important funds, and there may be hundreds or thousands of donations in a day.


donation tracker template

The donation tracker template helps you to keep the record of every funding on a regular basis. It serves as a useful tool to track all donations, so do not wait, and download it to make your work easy. You can also calculate the total amount of donations on a regular basis with the help of this donation sheet.


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