Warning Letter to Employee for Unplanned Leaves

Work has become the necessity of our lives these days. And as it has become the very means to earn a living, jobs come with various challenges as well as benefits. A lot of research has been conducted on work life balance. We work to live and not live to work. So, it is very important that we maintain some level of balance in our lives.

Jobs offer time off in various forms. These holidays and leaves are planned in a way so that employees can get their time to relax and come back to work in the best of their health and mind. Although every company wants its employees to work tirelessly but even then, employees are encouraged to take time off from work.

But before planning your next holiday with your family, it is always a better idea to go by the company rules to avoid any problems. If an employee is taking leaves without informing the manager or has already availed the leaves and still wants to take leaves, he should consult the management before taking any steps.

Sample Letter:

Dear [NAME],

Our HR department has informed us about your unplanned leaves during the last three months. This trend of yours has been observed several times before as well. On talking to the HR department, we found out that you have been warned before to improve your behavior. But no change has been observed yet. So, considering your behavior, please take this as the last warning.

We can understand the fact that every employee can have problems and for that, you need to properly apply for a leave and wait for the leaves to be approved. Also, you need to provide us the medical certificates as a proof as per the company policy. Office requires constant attention and decorum. Your behavior will result in declined performance from your end. We want all our employees to follow the work ethics. This irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated anymore.

Please take this warning seriously and try to improve your behavior to avoid any further repercussions.

Yours Faithfully,

HR Manager


Warning letter to employee for unplanned leave

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