Warning Letter to Employee for Performance Improvement

Businesses exist for work and to make profits. Feelings and emotions are very less a reason for concern when it comes to working. And why not? Who does not want more money? But companies heavily rely on their employees. Yes! Employees are the best assets of any company. They make a huge sum of money just because of these employees working every day.

When we say that companies depend on their employees, we mean that an employee must be productive and perform well. Any employee performing bad will be a bad impact for the company at large. We see companies take prompt notice of employees not doing well. Few matters might not be very important for us but it can create a huge difference. If an employee is not doing well, it not only affects the company, it will have a poor impact on the fellow workers as well. And not to forget, our own bad performance will impact our own growth prospects as well.

It such situations, good companies take quick actions. The HR will come to the rescue as soon as they are indicated of the problem. They will talk to the employee and see for any improvements. Some companies might even arrange for coaching and training programs for employees. And after doing all these efforts, if no improvement has been observed, they will simply send a warning letter.

Sample Letter:

Dear [Employee Name],

Since your hiring till date, we have always admired your work. You have been one of the best employees we had in the company. We have always focused on your growth and provided you various opportunities to improve your skill set. You have been promoted quite a lot of times as compared to your colleagues.

As you know, the annual review is just around the corner. And we were reviewing your performance which was not up to our expectations. We were looking forward to you doing better than before. But we were upset to see that your performance has deteriorated.

We would love to speak to you in this regard. If there is any way we can help you to grow and do better, we will be more than thankful.


HR Manager


Letter to Employee for Performance Improvement

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