Warning Letter for Habitual Irregular Attendance

When looking for employees, employers look for the best employees in quite a lot of ways. Technical knowledge and experience might not be the only factors that employers might consider. For being a good employee, you have to be an effective work as well. Companies are based on employees. They excel and grow because of employees. So, when companies are so dependent on employees and are investing on them in terms of salary and training, an inefficient employee can be a burden on the company.

Yes, you got it right! If an employee is habitual in taking leaves, he/she is a burden for the company. If an employee is absent, a temporary replacement might need to be hired. A temporary replacement will need training and resources eventually resulting in extra cost. It is very important for a company to understand the trend of employees who have bad attendance as this issue needs to be addressed for the better performance of the employee and for the achievement of company goals.

Most of the work is done in teams. If an employee is missing regularly, it will affect the performance of the team. Not just being detrimental for the employee himself, irregularity at work can be demoralizing for other employees as well. Why would someone want to work extra when the responsible person is sitting at home and enjoying.

Sample Letter:


We were looking forward to talking you at the recent meeting, but you were not there usual. This is not the first time when you were absenting from an important meeting. Your irregularity has been observed before as well. This attitude forced us to look into your attendance records where we found that it has been a trend in your past to be irregular.

Also, as this behavior has been regular, you have been warned verbally before as well. We will not accept this behavior anymore. Leaves have to be approved properly by your line manager. In case of any emergency, you need to inform the HR or anyone at the company at your earliest.

Please take this letter as the final warning. We expect you to improve your behavior and take your attendance as a serious matter.




Warning letter for habitual irregular attendance

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