Vacation Planning & Packing List


Vacationing is a fun activity for almost everyone in the world. It gives you a break from the day to day routine and provides good recreation for you to feel relaxed and fresh. But one of the ordeals that come with all the fun in vacationing is packing up for the vacation. Packing is actually a very burdensome job for many individuals.

People who travel often on business tours, family vacations, and other activities might not be so intimidated with the packing activity but those who do not travel very frequently can be very bad at it. Packing for a vacation can be a difficult and cumbersome job. You need to be very well prepared and organized for a proper packing activity. Planning for the packing activity requires a vacation packing list template. This can be a very useful document that allows you list down all the items that you are planning to take with you on the vacation trip.


The vacation planning & packing list template can be prepared many days before the actual trip all you need to do is add up the items as and when you are reminded of them. It can save you a lot of hassle that can be caused if you forget to take something important. You should prepare the packing list according to the number days you will have vacation along with the activities that you are planning to undertake. Don’t forget to take your personal requirements like toiletries, towels, mobile and tablet chargers and extra batteries.

Vacation packing list template

DOWNLOAD: Vacation Packing List

Format: MS Excel


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