Uncontested Divorce Agreement for Word

An uncontested divorce agreement is a written document that entails all the conditions after the divorce of a couple without any dispute or damage.

Many couples separate their ways to enjoy life to the fullest and do not stay bound in an unhappy relationship. Such divorce settlements occur in an amicable way where both individuals respect each other and part ways in a civil manner. They decide everything together and move on in their lives.

Template of uncontested divorce agreement is provided below,

Sample Template

This agreement is drafted on the date (__/__/__) between the following individuals,


Name: Derek Hugh
Address: 44 Main boulevards.
Contact: 234 244-8923


Name: Meezo Daze
Address: 24 Main Heaven.
Contact: 345 245-8393

Terms and conditions of the uncontested divorce agreement are provided below,

Phase -A

  1. This agreement shall commence from date (__/__/__) and should be followed strictly.
  2. Marriage lasted for a decade and both individuals shall settle divorce agreement in peace.
  3. Mother shall take full custody of kids aged 8 years and 4 years.
  4. Father shall provide fees for school and other extracurricular activities.
  5. Mother shall be responsible for good upbringing of both children so that they settle in a proper manner.
  6. Mother shall maintain all health check-ups and vaccination of both children.
  7. Each year both parents shall spend summer vacations together to celebrate their love for each other.
  8. Father shall pitch in for mother whenever she is ill or cannot take care of children.
  9. Children shall stay with father for a complete weekend after every two weeks.
  10. In case of emergency, both parents shall inform each other about situation.

Phase -B

  1. Regarding children’s health, decision shall be taken by both parents after discussion and mutual understanding.
  2. Both parents shall take major decisions about children after discussion.
  3. All the jewellery and other valuable items gifted to each other during marriage shall stay with the individuals and shall not be returned in any situation.
  4. Gifted property of the female shall stay in her name even after divorce.
  5. Half of the property of husband shall be given to wife after their divorce.
  6. Cars used by wife shall be transferred in her name as a parting gift from husband.
  7. If any individual shall take a decision of remarrying, then they shall communicate everything with other individual.
  8. Both parents shall attend all the important events of children either in school or in their daily life unless they cannot attend it too due to any emergency or situation.
  9. Husband shall pay off all the debts of wife to relieve her from extra burden.
  10. Husband shall provide spousal support to the wife to sustain her business.
  11. Spousal support shall only be provided for a span of 2 years.
  12. Agreement shall be drafted in the presence of legal counsels of both individuals to assure their rights are reserved.
  13. Witnesses shall overlook the entire process of agreement to provide support to both individuals.

Male: Derek Hugh



Female: Meezo Daze



Witness #1: Jessica Pearson



Witness #2: Richard Martin



Uncontested Divorce Agreement Template

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