Trip Budget Worksheet

Life is not just about learning, working or earning money. Life has a lot more meanings to it. And to understand those different meanings, we have to travel. Living in one place can make us boring and dumb. One of the biggest advantages of traveling is that you learn more and get a better vision of different places and their cultures. Your creativity enhances by traveling. So a lot of people prefer spending their savings on traveling rather than investing.

A business trip was taken for business purpose although business travel is a very debatable topic these days. With the advanced technology, you can connect to anywhere in the world. But even then, the importance of business travel cannot be denied. Sitting in an office and staring at a screen can never be compared to actually traveling physically and communicating with the desired person.

According to a survey conducted by Oxford University, there is as much as double a chance of closing a deal when you meet a customer face-to-face. Even in this day and age, some industries have a 100% rate of closing deals just because they meet their customers personally. Some companies still follow the concept that how can you trust someone without even meeting them. Most of the 100 fortune companies follow the same rule and increase their success rate.

Business travel gives you an opportunity to meet people around the globe and knows their vision and perspectives about life. Meeting a new customer not only gives you the opportunity of meeting a new person, but it also opens up new ways for your business. We meet different people on our flights, we communicate and connect with them and later we can convert a small talk into a long lasting business relationship. Face-to-face meetings give us a good chance to create synergies.

Business trips improve your leadership skills. Personal meetings can give you a better chance to convince your customer to invest in your product/service. Inspiring others is easy when you can talk to them directly without any barriers. Taking the time out to travel and meet someone can naturally instill more trust and confidence in your customer. If you can travel to close a deal, that shows how seriously concerned you are with the success and satisfaction of your customer.

The most important concern of travel is to keep it within a budget. Some of the most important budget techniques are:

  1. Always book a flight in advance. This saves you from the last minute booking hassle and you get enough time to look for cheap flights. Also, booking in advance gets you more discounts.
  2. Where are you staying in one of the most important things that need to be planned ahead? The best strategy is to stay near your meeting place. This will save any unnecessary travel cost. Staying close to public travel options such as train stations or bus stops is a good idea.
  3. Travelling and shopping go hand-in-hand. A budget needs to be decided for shopping. The best to shop in a new city is to try the local cheap markets, rather than trying the massive shopping malls that will cost a lot.

Following is given a trip budget worksheet that is designed by professionals using MS Excel software. One can utilize this worksheet to estimate about one’s trip cost in advance.

Preview: Trip Budget Worksheet

Trip Budget Worksheet


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