Training Reimbursement Agreement Template for Word

Employee training reimbursement agreement is a written document stating the conditions of repaying fees of training sessions acquired during or after their employment.

Companies and businesses make sure that their employees are aware of all the workings of the business and how to manage it properly by providing exceptional customer services. Therefore, companies bound their employees to take a few training sessions after joining to make sure that they are aware. Many companies also manage training sessions during employment when they are about to launch a new product or service. It is a legal document and can be used in a court of law.

A reimbursement agreement is used by an employer to make sure that money spent on training employees does not go to waste if employees resign after acquiring training. It put a strain on the employer financially as they spend on the training of one employee and after the resignation, replacement of that employee would also need training, therefore, reimbursement agreement returns all the fees of training sessions in small installments to relieve employees of the financial burden.

The template of the employee training reimbursement agreement is provided below,

Training Reimbursement Agreement Template

This agreement is drafted on the date [DD/MM/YYYY] between the following parties,


Name: Jacob Hill
Address: 34 Moon Road, London, England.
Contact: 342 234-7292


Name: Employee Association
Address: 23 Jail Road, London, England.
Contact: 283 284-9494

Terms and conditions of the following agreement are mentioned below,

Section -1

  1. This agreement shall commence from date (__/__/__) and should be taken seriously.
  2. Employees are required to join all training sessions as planned by the employer.
  3. All the training sessions are funded by employer to improve awareness of employees.
  4. Training session fees are payable in small potions by deduction in each month’s salary.
  5. Employer will be allowed to deduct a portion of employee’s pay each month to substitute for the fees of sessions.
  6. No employee is allowed to resign or leave work before their training fees has been compensated by employer.
  7. If any employee resigns after completing a training session, then they will be forced to pay the fees of session in a single instalment.
  8. Employer will be allowed to take serious action against employees unable to pay their fees before resignation.
  9. This agreement is valid for a period 2 years.
  10. After the agreement time is over, employee may resign on their will.

Section -2

  1. In 2 years, fees of training session will be reimbursed from the salary of each employee.
  2. If termination of any employee occurs during 2-year period, they will be forced to pay their fees as well.
  3. This agreement will be cancelled after the period is over.
  4. This agreement is being prepared in the presence of legal counsels of both parties to ensure their awareness about their rights.
  5. Presence of 2 credible witnesses is mandatory to ensure the process occurs smoothly.

Employer: Jacob Hill __________________ [Signature]

Employee Association __________________ [Signature]

Witness #1: Adam Gilbert __________________ [Signature]

Witness #2: Smith Jason __________________ [Signature]

Date enclosed [DATE]

Training reimbursement agreement template

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