Training Manager Resignation Letter

Writing the resignation letter while leaving the job makes the process of leaving smoother. It is always recommended to maintain a good relationship with your employer even if you are moving to the other job or you are leaving the job for any other reason.

You may need to ask your previous employer to write a letter of recommendation for you anytime in future. So, it is recommended to stay as professional as possible while leaving the job. Your resignation letter should also provide the official notice.

The duration of notice that should be given before leaving the job may vary from company to company however, notice of two weeks in advance should be given when you plan to leave. Resignation can be written with no notice, short notice or extended notice.

Even if you have discussed with your employer face to face about your resignation, you are still in need to write a formal resignation letter.

Make sure that the tone of your resignation letter is friendly and positive even if you are leaving the job for uncomfortable job circumstances.

Complaining in the resignation letter or criticizing the employer is not a professional way to write a resignation letter. Since this letter is your last communication between you and the employer, it should leave a good part in impression.

Training manager resignation letter:


I am writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning from the job position of training manager at the company [NAME HERE]. As per contract of my job I’m giving you 2 months’ notice and last day of my employment will be August 22. I am leaving to pursue a career as a trainer. I am sure that I have completed all the work in the position of a trainer and now this position can be handed over to someone to ensure a smooth working of the company. I am ready to assist you with the recruiting and training the new individual coming to this post prior to my leaving. I would like to say thank you for all the chances and guidance that you have provided me during my work.

If you need to get any information for the please feel free to contact me.


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Training manager resignation letter


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