Staff Training Agreement Template

What is staff training agreement?

This is an agreement between an employer and his trainee employee. Here the training is provided by another company or person in assorted fields like skills, attitudes, policy, learning or conduct etc. and the employer is responsible to pay for the training. The outcome of such training is increased revenue, efficient work, connection with other departments and value added resources.

These are usually external training sessions which can be held within the premises or the city or many times out of station training sessions are also conducted to train the staff for fruitful results and reputations.

The elements of staff training agreement include;

  1. The desired qualification
  2. The duration of training
  3. The number of hours for training
  4. Trouble shootings
  5. The specifications whether the training is conducted on the job or off –work training sessions would be held

The agreement is signed by the trainee that he has agreed to all the terms and conditions. The charges of the training have to be discussed and properly stated in the agreement that if the trainee left the service after training then how the company reimburses and if the employee needs some extra training then the charges are deducted from his salary. Such conditions should be explained clearly as clauses.

There are several websites which offer free online templates to downloads the staff or employee training agreement templates with customizable options. You can download your choice for convenience.

Staff Training Agreement Template


Staff Training Agreement Template
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