Sponsorship Agreement Template

What is sponsorship agreement?

A Sponsorship Agreement oversees the legal affiliation between a Sponsor and those entitled to apply the Sponsorship requirement. The terms and conditions acceptance means you are agreed to them in return for a fee.

Sponsorship agreement between two companies describes the liabilities between the two parties when one is given that sponsorship for the other’s doings, assignment or affair. Sponsorships help in the upgrade of an organization to support the general aims of the business. The sponsor is often provided in the form of money, or capital for the advancement of another company, the agreement is written in the following manner;

  • Company’s official letterhead is often used while preparing the sponsorship agreement
  • Contact information is necessary for such agreement
  • A meaningful title like “Sponsorship Agreement” to easily identify the document
  • All the relevant dates should be listed
  • It should explain the purpose of the thing for which the sponsor is required, along with the details that how a sponsor benefits the aim
  • It states all responsibilities, compulsions, financial prospects and the return benefits clearly
  • The agreement must explain the penalties applied if the contract is broken or not followed absolutely
  • The signature will be taken from both the sponsor and to whom this sponsorship is provided.

You can download the sponsorship agreement templates to access the uncountable collection of legal document templates from your computer just fill in your requirement and get your document ready.

The component of sponsorship agreement contains:

  • The benefits to the sponsor
  • Payments obliged under the contract
  • Use of logos and trademarks
  • Termination clauses

Sample Preview

sponsorship agreement template


Sponsorship Agreement Template
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