Short Term Lease Agreement Letter


I hope you find this letter in great health. I have recently received your request for the tenancy and I am glad to inform you that as per your requirement, currently, we have a vacant house. The house rightly meets your need of 3 beds with attached bath. There is also a dining room, kitchen, lounge, and car porch.

It is an ideal deal for you since the house is a single story so you will enjoy complete freedom of independence. Following are the terms and conditions for the lease, kindly read them properly and send an acknowledgment in return in form of a letter. 

  1. The Property will be leased by the landowner to the tenant for a period of a maximum of 6 months.
  2. The tenant can leave the place with a momentarily notice. There is no need to serve the notice period of 1 month. 
  3. The Property will be leased for a fixed rent of $[X] per month. The rent will be paid via cash only.    
  4. The rent of a whole month will be charged in advance and no rent will be returned if the tenant will leave before a month. 
  5. The rent will be charged on every first of the month.
  6. If the tenant wishes to leave the house even on the 1st or 2nd of the month, the full rent will be charged.
  7. No security will be charged from the tenant but as mentioned in the 4th clause, rent will be charged in advance.
  8. The property will not be used for any commercial or business purpose.
  9. The landowner can visit the property for inspection without any prior notice.
  10. The landowner holds the right to cancel or change the agreement.

If you agree to the above-mentioned terms, kindly give me a call so, we may arrange a personal visit to the house and sign the deal. Waiting for your positive response. 


Short term lease agreement letter


In response to your query regarding the short-term lease of the car, I am writing this letter to inform you about the terms and conditions for such an agreement. Our company is a well-known and reputable organization when it comes to leasing a car. We offer a wide range of brand new and used cars. As per your requirement, we have a model that aptly suits your need. Following are the details of the car:

Model: Suzuki Ciaz

Make: 20XX

Color: Silver Grey

Seating Capacity: 4-5

Kilometers Driven: 110000km

Following are the terms for leasing this car:

  1. The lease agreement would be of minimum 1 month up to 6 months. 
  2. The leasing amount shall be paid by the 10th of every month. The mode of payment is up to the convenience of the leaseholder.
  3. The amount of the lease is $[X] per month and will remain fixed throughout the leasing tenure.
  4. Insurance is not covered in the leasing agreement. The leaseholder will be solely responsible for all the damages and maintenance of the car in the leasing tenure. 
  5. The leaseholder can return the car to the company even before a month but the rent will be charged for the whole month. 
  6. The rent will be paid in advance. 
  7. The company can claim the right to cancel and terminate the agreement if the above-mentioned clauses are breached. 

Please read the clauses carefully and kindly let us know if you are interested in our proposal. We can arrange a test drive for you. Looking forward to serving you. 


Short term lease agreement letter