Service Manager Resignation Letter

A service manager is an important part of an organization. The service managers are the representative of service providing team working in any organization. There can be several stages in life when you decide to quit the job. There can be many reasons for leaving the job. No matter what drives you to a new job, it is always important to provide a written letter of resignation.

A resignation letter is a formal document that leaves a very positive impression on the mind of the reader and enables you to put your thoughts in writing. A resignation letter acts as a written proof that you are leaving the job voluntarily.

Even if the employer doesn’t need your resignation, it is the requirement of your professional life to submit it anyway. A¬†resignation letter is not a right place to express your reasons for leaving the job or telling the employer that why you are unhappy with it.

As an honest employee, you should also offer the support in training the replacement and preparing it for everything before your departure.

There are also few things that should be avoided in resignation letter because your resignation letter is kept in the employment file of the company permanently. Sometimes you also need to show your resignation letter to your future employer. So, writing a professional and polite resignation letter is important.

Although it makes some sense to explain the reason for leaving the job, however, it is not necessary to tell your current employer that why you have decided to leave.

Service manager resignation letter:


I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to work in your company. Because of some personal reasons, I think I will not be able to continue my job. I would like to inform you that I am resigning from the post of service manager in your company. Please let me know that when you will be able to relieve me of my duties.


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Service manager resignation letter


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