Room Rental Agreement Template for Word

A room rental agreement is an official contract between landlord and tenant for renting a room on the property of the landlord where he either lives or not. It highlights all the rules and guidelines that a tenant is required to follow for living in a rented room. It is usually a short-term arrangement ranging from 4 to 5 months but can also be extended based on certain factors.

The template for the room rental agreement is presented below.

Sample Template

Room rental agreement is carried out on Date [DATE] among the following individuals,


Name: Rick Martin
Address: 64 Moon Street, Missouri, USA.
Contact: 489 479-7494


Name: John Lewis
Address: 84 Main Boulevard, Baku, Azerbaijan
Contact: 749 373-7293

Rental Property:

Room 345, Lame Street, Missouri, USA.

Rules and regulations agreed upon by the landlord and tenant are mentioned below,

  1. Tenant will move in on Date [DATE], Friday and will officially be the tenant.
  2. Deposit of $1000 will be submitted to the landlord a week before move in.
  3. Rent of each month should be paid within first 10 days of each month.
  4. In case of rental delay, warning will be issued by landlord.
  5. Tenant will only be subjected to 2 warning notices before eviction notice.
  6. Rent will only be paid in cash. Online transfer and cheques are not acceptable.
  7. Rent will only be delivered to landlord and no other member of the family.
  8. Being a student and part-time worker, tenant is required to follow all the rules of the agreement drafted by the landlord.
  9. Leaving for home, either on weekend or spring holidays, tenant is required to inform landlord beforehand.
  10. Tenant is not allowed to let any friend stay over for more than 2 days.
  11. Drinking alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited. If caught in such action, eviction without deposit refund is evident.
  12. No boyfriend or girlfriend move in is allowed for the term of this agreement.
  13. In case of any damage to the room, amount will be cut from the deposit.
  14. Walls of room require a fresh paint and this work can be adjusted in the rent.
  15. No staying out after 12a.m. is allowed.
  16. Tenant is allowed to practice his religious beliefs and prayers.
  17. Religious and national festivals can be celebrated according to requirements.
  18. It is crucial to follow the rules imposed by the society.
  19. No neighbour should complain about tenants otherwise warning letter can be issued.
  20. All celebration or birthday parties can only be held on weekends.
  21. Loud music is strictly prohibited on weekdays.
  22. In case of emergency, landlord’s decision should be considered the final verdict.
  23. Eviction notice should be submitted a month prior to eviction.
  24. Furniture and other essentials would be the responsibility of tenant.
  25. Room should be converted to its original condition upon eviction
  26. In case of any fight or issue with neighbours, managers of society will decide the fate.
  27. Following agreement is applicable for 5 months.
  28. After the current agreement period is over, tenant may sign up for agreement renewal.
  29. Rent will increase 10% in case of renewal.
  30. During family visitation and stay, landlord will be informed beforehand.
  31. Tenant is not allowed to vouch for any other person for renting room.
  32. In case of any electrical or fire outbreak, tenant will be held responsible and will also pay for the damage.
  33. All the works of bathroom and room repair will be adjusted in the rent.

Landlord: Rick Martin



Date: __/__/__

Tenant: John Lewis



Date: __/__/__

Room rental agreement template for word