Restaurant Partnership Agreement

An agreement is a contract between two individuals, defining terms and conditions that are strictly followed by both individuals. A restaurant partnership agreement is a documented word between two individuals to share profit and loss in the business of establishing a restaurant. Both the parties are bound to agree on the terms drafted in the document.

The agreement from date (__/__/__) to date (__/__/__) is devised for following individuals,

Partner 1: Mezzo Mughal
Address: East River Road

Partner 2: Eric Dane
Address: New Hamptons

Rules and regulations of the agreement abide by the individuals are mentioned below,

  1. The Restaurant [X] will be equally co-owned by both partners.
  2. There will be no superiority of one partner over the other due to any reason.
  3. All the legal processes of the restaurant will be managed by both partners in terms of investment of money, effort, and time.
  4. Both partners will equally contribute their skills and time to ensure the success of the restaurant.
  5. The location of the restaurant will be decided based on the public ease and popularity.
  6. The menu will be discussed with a food analyst to include all the items that are mostly liked by the public.
  7. Senior and junior chefs will be hired after discussion among both partners.
  8. Patrick Dempsey will be responsible for managing all the official processes and other duties of dining.
  9. Eric Dane will supervise the cooking division of the restaurant.
  10. Both partners are not allowed to criticize the workings of each other unless it affects business.
  11. Partners will hire an individual to work in the capacity of a general manager, who will be responsible for managing all chores related to dining each day.
  12. For supervising cooking and its related chores, the senior chef will be given authority to manage the whole team.
  13. All the crockery designs and utensils will be selected after thorough discussion among partners and chefs.
  14. In case of any disagreement among partners, all the matters will be solved in a civil manner to reach a conclusion.
  15. In case of restaurant’s success, all the employees must be given an annual bonus based on their pay grade.
  16. Small incentives will be awarded to employees based on their efforts to boost their morale for working hard.
  17. Disputes among employees will be heard and sorted by both partners and a conclusion would be drawn that would benefit the restaurant overall.
  18. All the standards of hygiene would be given priority to ensure healthy food is presented to customers.
  19. No compromise will be made on the quality of raw materials used at the restaurant.
  20. Decoration and other accessories will be purchased after consultation with an interior designer.
  21. The restaurant will be opened to the public after conducting a food review by a famous food analyst that will highlight the flaws at the restaurant and throw some light on the better working of the restaurant.
  22. After the opening of the restaurant, customers will be given a discount of 30% on the entire bill for 3 days.
  23. Reviews of customers will be taken seriously to provide a fine dine experience to every customer.
  24. Discounts of 25% will be given on the entire bill of the partner’s friends and family.
  25. All the fruits, vegetables, grains nuts, and spices will be ordered from the best vendors.

Partner 1: Mezzo Mughal



Date: __/__/__

Partner 2: Eric Dane



Date: __/__/__

Restaurant partnership agreement template