Reference Letter for Professional Employee

If you are a supervisor of a company, you will always encounter such employees who want to move on to their career for better opportunities. Whenever any of your employees are going to leave the job because they are applying for another job they will request you to provide them with a reference letter.

It would be the best opportunity for you to support your hardworking employees by writing a positive and a glowing reference letter. But it should also be kept in mind that the person to whom you are writing the reference letter is worthy of it.

What should be added to the content of the reference letter?

The main details that are the part of every reference letter are the date, contact information of the manager hiring at the top of the page. It is also recommended to write this letter on the letterhead of the company.

  • In the first paragraph, start the body of the letter with a proper salutation and then explain the reason for endorsing the employee.
  • The second paragraph of the letter includes how an employee was a useful person for your company, and the third paragraph includes the benefits that the particular job position can get from the employee.
  • It is advisable to add your contact information and signature at the end of the letter.
  • Show the details of all the accomplishments made by the employee while working for your company. Concise but complete information about the skills and knowledge possessed by the employee should be given in the letter.
  • Since a reference letter is being written for a particular job position, it is important for you to stay focused on the type of job you are writing a reference letter for.

If you think that the employee has something extraordinary to do for the particular job position, and then include it in the letter. If you don’t know much about the candidate, then it would be better that first search for all the details and then start writing.

Following is given a letter template that can be used as it is or can be download to make suitable changes. The letter is editable with MS Word software.

Sample Template

Reference letter for professional employee

Format: MS Word | Download