Prenuptial Agreement Template for Word

A Prenuptial agreement is a contract highlighting the responsibilities and assets division between two individuals before they are bound by official marriage. It is mostly drafted to decide the division of property after a divorce between a couple. It is a legal, official document and both individuals are responsible for following it.

The template of a prenuptial agreement is provided below,

Prenuptial Agreement Template

The agreement of prenuptial is drafted on the date [MM/DD/YYYY], between the following individuals,


Name: Eric Mason
Address: 84 Have Street, Missouri, USA.
Contact: 739 849-8393


Name: Izzie Stevens
Address: 83 Heaven Street, California, USA.
Contact: 834 834-8292

Terms and conditions as drafted by the mutual understanding of both partners are mentioned below,


  1. Following agreement shall commence from the exact date of divorce as signed by the honorable Court.
  2. After commencement of agreement, both individuals are bound to follow all the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  3. Both partners have already shared their financial goals, debts, spending habits, loans, and savings with each other.
  4. If any partner hides from other partner and it comes to the knowledge of other partner then the hiding partner shall face serious consequences.
  5. If the marriage ends with children, then children would be given the choice of either staying with father or mother.
  6. If the age of children in less and they cannot decide then they will stay with their mother.
  7. Father will be given visitation rights of meeting once a week.
  8. Individual with children will not be allowed to live in a different state or country than the other partner.
  9. Property of both partners will remain in their name and no shares will be transferred to other partner.
  10. During the course of marriage, all the wealthy gifts i.e., diamonds, property, shoes and essentials will remain with receiving partner after divorce.


  1. Property gifted to other partner during marriage will stay in their name and no share would be claimed by giving partner after divorce.
  2. Gifted property cannot be gifted, sold by receiving partner, rather it can only be rented.
  3. Debts of both partners will remain their own and will not be shared by other partner after divorce.
  4. Inherited property of any partner will not be claimed by other partner.
  5. Businesses of both partners will remain their own even after divorce.
  6. During the course of marriage, all the secrets, wealth, business of one partner will be protected by other partner after divorce.
  7. A confidant will be appointed by both partners that will try to salvage the relationship between partners if possible.
  8. Before ending the relation, partners would take professional therapy, live separately for 2 months, and talk to a common friend.
  9. Partners will take all necessary measures to salvage the relation, but if they do not see it helpful, then they will file for divorce.
  10. Agreement will take place in the presence of 2 credible witnesses provided by both partners after mutual understanding.

Male: Eric Mason __________________ [Signature]

Female: Izzie Stevens ___________________ [Signature]

Witness # 1: Eric Martin ___________________ [Signature]

Witness # 2: Chris Hill ___________________ [Signature]

Date: __/__/__

Prenuptial agreement template

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