Police Complaint Form

What is police complaint form?

If a person or an organization wants to register or file a complaint about any kind of security or law and order issue within the city it can be done through a police complaint form.

This complaint can be due to the inconvenience being caused to the citizens or an individual. The damage and loss or potential damage and loss to the property, city or citizens may be mentioned in the complaint.

The police complaint form can be used to file an official complaint against any kind of theft or fraudulent activities being carried out in the city. The form must be completed filled in by the plaintiff and all the details of the complaint should be mentioned in the form. It can be submitted to the police department of the assigned jurisdiction.

Contents of the complaint form

Like all other forms, these contents vary from one country to another. The basic fields and elements of the police complaint form are as under:

  • Name of the sender or plaintiff
  • Contact information and other details of the sender
  • Reasons and nature of the complaint
  • Any proposed solution to the problem or complaint
  • Supporting evidence for the registration of the complaint.

It is considered to be an obligation of every citizen of the country to be vigilant about his or her surrounding and inform the police if any law and order breach is going on around them. Once the police are informed about the ill doings, it will be their responsibility to deal with it.

Sample Preview

police complaint form


Police Complaint Form Sample
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