Party Supplies Rental Agreement for Word

Party supplies rental agreement entails all the conditions of renting part material by the owner to a renter.

A renter can either purchase all supplies or can rent for a short period of time. After use, the renter shall return all the supplies to the owner. It is a cost-effective method that does not burden the renter financially and can be easily taken care of. An agreement between the renter and owner states all the reservations and precautions that the renter should follow seriously to avoid inconvenience.

Template of party supplies rental agreement is presented below,

Sample Template

This agreement is drafted on the date (__/__/__) between the following individuals,


Name: Derek Hugh
Address: 24 Main Street, Illinois, USA.
Contact: 345 244-8393


Name: Ann Leigh
Address: 44 Drum Road, Illinois, USA.
Contact: 345 244-8292

Terms and conditions of party supplies rental agreement are provided below,


  1. This agreement shall commence from date (__/__/__) and should be followed strictly.
  2. Renter shall account for all the supplies efficiently to avoid inconvenience.
  3. Renter shall submit a security deposit of 25% of total price for the supplies.
  4. Renter shall return all party supplies within a week of renting.
  5. Supplies that cannot be returned i.e., balloons, flowers shall be purchased in full price.
  6. This agreement shall continue for a period of 6 months.
  7. Renter can keep the supplies for the longest of 6 months if they keep paying rent.
  8. After 6 months, owner shall retrieve everything from the renter either forcefully or in a friendly manner.
  9. Renter shall not damage or break any equipment or supplies during the renting period.
  10. Renter shall pay the price of all equipment and supplies if they are broken, damaged, need repair or require any other maintenance work.


  1. Renter shall inform owner about any faulty equipment so that it can be replaced, and owner also knows about fault.
  2. Renter shall not use any faulty equipment as it can become a life hazard.
  3. Renter shall be held responsible for maintenance and proper functioning of supplies during renting period.
  4. Renter shall not rent the supplies further to any other individual.
  5. Renter shall not engage in any illegal or immoral activity using party supplies or equipment.
  6. Security deposit shall be returned to the renter during the return of all party supplies.
  7. Owner shall check and confirm all party supplies and ensure their functioning before returning deposit to the renter.
  8. Owner shall terminate the agreement earlier than letting it run its course due to any reason.
  9. In case of earlier termination, owner shall demand the return of all supplies.
  10. In case of any loss, owner shall deduct exact loss amount from security deposit.
  11. Legal counsels of both parties shall draft the agreement to ensure their rights are reserved.
  12. Presence of witness shall be ensured to let the process run smoothly.

Owner: Derek Hugh



Renter: Ann Leigh



Date: __/__/__

Witness #1: Chris Amish ____________________ [Signature]

Witness #2: John Legend _____________________ [Signature]

Party supplies rental agreement template

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