Official Tenancy Agreement

What is tenancy agreement?

A legal contract between a landlord and a tenant is known as the tenancy agreement. It mentions all the features that a landlord and a tenant share between the tenancy condition and period. Verbal tenancy agreement has no value instead Tenancy agreements should be documented in writing as a valid proof.

Every landlord should provide a copy of tenancy agreement to the tenant before the tenure begins. However, according to the Residential Tenancies Act, the laws are applied even the tenancy is not in writing. This means a landlord and a tenant are binds to the compulsions under the law and they have to put their agreement in writing.

Tenants should go through the tenancy agreement prior signing it to agree to all the terms and conditions related to the tenancy. It would be better to take the advice of some legal person before signing the tenancy agreement if the tenant has any doubt about the terms and condition.

A tenancy agreement is usually hand written or sometimes printed forms are available as in broker’s office but if you wish to design your own tenancy agreement with your personal term and condition, you have an easy option of downloading it from the sites offering free templates.

A number of options are available to choose from. Select your type of agreement and simply download it free of charge. Fill in your terms and condition and get a print for signature. You can have as many copies as you need. The template offer full customizable tools to draft your agreement just as you like.

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Tenancy Agreement Template
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