Office Furniture Purchase Agreement Template

The office furniture purchase agreement is a contract between the manager of XYZ company and the furniture seller of ABC showroom. This agreement is an official document on stamp paper and can be used in a court of law in case of any dispute. Both parties are required to follow all the rules of the agreement. If any party fails to follow the agreement, serious consequences will be taken against them.

Template for office furniture purchase agreement is presented below,

Sample Template


Name: Eric Mason
Address: 24 Hyper Market, New York, USA.
Contact: 244 356-5688


Name: Derek Hugh
Address: XYZ Company, New York, USA.
Contact: 456 246-9301

Rules and regulations of agreement agreed among above-mentioned individuals are given below,

  1. Manager of XYZ made furniture purchases at ABC showroom and bought 10 articles on date [DATE].
  2. Seller will visit office of XYZ company for taking measurements of the space.
  3. More than 5 articles will be prepared on the order of buyer.
  4. Choice of polish and wood should be according to the demands of buyer.
  5. Seller is responsible for damage-free delivery of all articles at the address of XYZ company.
  6. Expenses of delivery is the responsibility of seller.
  7. All the articles should be polished and error-free till delivery.
  8. Buyer paid half amount advance and half will be paid after delivery.
  9. Seller made promises of delivering exact articles as shown in the pictures by the buyer, if the articles are not up to the mark no purchase will be made.
  10. All the handles and other accessories of furniture are decided by the buyer and same accessories should be delivered in selected colours.
  11. Delivery of the articles should be done on date [DATE].
  12. Delay in delivering will lead to serious consequences.
  13. Damaged articles will not be accepted at the time of delivery.
  14. In case of return of articles, showroom would be responsible for returning advance to the seller.
  15. Showroom will provide the opportunity of selection if the desired items are not up to the mark.
  16. Seller is responsible for setting up of all delivered articles.
  17. Sellers provide the warranty of 1 year for all articles.
  18. In case of any damage to the wood or polish of furniture, seller will replace or repair with no fee.
  19. If the articles do not fit in office space, seller will be responsible for providing articles with exact measurements.
  20. Seller and buyer are equally bound to follow all the rules of this agreement.
  21. This agreement will be signed in the presence of 2 witnesses which are trusted individuals of society.
  22. If the furniture showroom is up to the mark, then company will sign the contract of their new building with showroom.
  23. In case of addition of clause to agreement, both parties will mutually agree on the clauses.

Seller: Eric Mason



Date: __/__/__

Buyer: Derek Hugh



Date: __/__/__

Witness 1: Adam Gilbert



Date: __/__/__

Witness 2: Chris Legend



Date: __/__/__

Office furniture purchase agreement