Office Equipment Expense Approval Letter

Running an office efficiently is not very easy. It takes a lot of time and effort. The employees who spend a large chunk of their time at work, expect clean and calm work environment. If you are running your office effectively, that means you are placing orders, dealing with vendors, office maintenance, payroll and employee complaints.

An office manager has a lot of tasks. But one of his tasks is to keep the office in the best position. If the operations of an office are running smoothly, that means you have a lot of prospects for success. Recently, social scientists have been stressing a lot over time management and organizational skills. Becoming organized takes time. If you are searching for your stationery every time, if you keep on losing out on your pen, it will not only waste your time but also affect your productivity.

A manager has so many things on his plate like ordering office supplies. The employees get all the office supplies and stationery they need for work. But sometimes, the stationery can be out of stock or not reimbursed in inventory. In such situations, the employees can buy things on their own and claim for reimbursement. All you have to do is, you have to keep the receipts with you, present them to your manager and get your compensation. But these expenses can only be for a nominal amount.

If you want to buy something, that can cost more than the decided amount, you have to fill in an expensive equipment form. Like buying a computer is not a minor expense and needs to be approved before purchase. The manager will review the nature of the expense and also assess the need. If the manager feels satisfied, he will approve the expense. The employee can be reimbursed later for the expense or he can also be provided with the cash/cheque before the expense actually occurs.

The letter of approval contains the details of the employee who has made the request along with the date. This makes it easy for the accounts department to track the expense date and amount. The amount and the item approved will also be stated clearly in the letter. The manager approves the expense by stating his acknowledgment along with his signatures in the letter.

Sample Letter

Office Equipment Expense Approval Letter

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