Non Disclosure Agreement

What is nondisclosure agreement?

A legal contract signed between two parties, companies or other miscellaneous entities to share some confidential matter which should be hidden from any third party is known as NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or a confidentiality agreement (CA). Through this agreement, the parties agree not to reveal the information stated under the agreement.

An NDA is a confidential affiliation between the parties for purposes of this Agreement.”Confidential Information” shall include the information having commercial value or other specific value in the business in which Disclosing Party is involved. The Disclosing Party should label the document with the term “Confidential”. NDA is used to hide nonpublic corporate information.

NDAs can be bilateral meaning both parties are restricted to reveal the information provided, or unilateral, meaning a single party can restrict the use of information. The confidential matter could be

  • Information relating to a trade undertaking
  • A discovery or invention
  • Media perception
  • A website formatting or designing

A beginning of the disclosure agreement will be like that:

This Nondisclosure Agreement is come into between _______________ with its chief offices at _______________, (“Revealing Party”) and _______________, situated at _______________ (“Accepting Party”) for the purpose of inhibiting the illegal disclosure of Private Information.

There are several online free templates available for creating a nondisclosure agreement between parties or individuals. These templates are free of cost to download. Companies or groups can download these templates to get a quick Non- Disclosure agreement. What you have to do is to simply type your information get the print for signature.

Sample Preview

non disclosure agreement template

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template
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