Non-disclosure Agreement Template for Word

Non-disclosure agreement known as a confidentiality agreement is a legal document to protect the information from misuse by the recipient of that information. These agreements are mostly used by patients to protect their medical information from being public by doctors. Companies also use these agreements to ensure that their ideas are not stolen by the clients, they are negotiating them with. It binds the recipient of information to keep it to themselves otherwise they would have to face serious consequences.

There are various types of non-disclosure agreements that are used by people for protecting their information from being public news. Some of these NDAs include:

  • Attorney – Client privilege
  • Doctor – Patient Confidentiality
  • Bank – Client confidentiality

The template of a non-disclosure agreement is presented below,

Non-disclosure Agreement Template

The written words of agreement and different clauses are mentioned below and undertaking by both the parties means the terms are agreed by both in full spirit.  The agreement is drafted on the date [DATE].

Party # 1

Name: companies, businesses or patients, start-up companies, etc.
Contact information:

Party # 2

Name: Investors, potential clients, doctors, etc.
Contact information.

Terms and conditions of non-disclosure agreement are mentioned below,


  1. The agreement commences from the date when it has been officially signed by both parties.
  2. The recipient of any medical, personal, or other information is not allowed to reveal that information to anyone.
  3. The non-disclosure clause can only be breached if the recipient receives a court order.
  4. In case of a breach, the recipient will have to suffer the punishment as described by the state.
  5. The client is entitled to file a petition in court against the recipient.
  6. All the terms of the meeting remain intact with the recipient no matter the situation and condition.
  7. License to practice or whole business can collapse if found guilty of breaching information
  8. All the financial, personal, and professional information must be concealed by the recipient.
  9. No action would be taken if the recipient had prior knowledge of the data or design or information.
  10. If the information is already public news, the recipient will not suffer any backlash.


  1. The agreement is drafted for a period of a year, after this period recipient is not legally bound to keep the information confidential.
  2. The recipient can disclose the information if it is a matter of national security.
  3. Recipients may disclose the information if the lives of people are at stake.
  4. Recipients make sure that if the information is shared with the 4th person, then that person will keep it hidden.
  5. The recipient is not allowed to make any move by stealing information, because if the news sees the light of day, the recipient will have to suffer.
  6. If the recipient gained knowledge from another source rather than the client, it exempts from the confidentiality agreement.
  7. The agreement is designed in the presence of legal counsels of both parties to avoid dispute.
  8. The agreement will be signed in the presence of two credible witnesses provided after the mutual understanding of both parties.


Party # 1:

[Full name & signature]

Party # 2:

[Full name & signature]

Witness # 1: Fay Mitchell [Signature]

Witness # 2: Chris Amish [Signature]

Date: [DATE]

Non-disclosure Agreement Template

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