Non-compete Agreement Template for Word

Non- compete agreement is a legal document specifying that an employee is not allowed to enter in competition or work for the competitors of the employer after the employment period is over. This agreement is crafted to ensure that the intellectual property rights of the employer and company are safe after the employee is terminated or resigned from the job. It is an official contract and has serious ramifications if taken lightly.

The template of a non-compete agreement is presented below,

Sample Template

This agreement is drafted on the date [DATE] between the following parties,


Name: Chris Evans
Address: 84 Heather Street, Missouri, USA.
Contact: 949 274-7391


Name: Derek Hugh
Address: 93 Live Street, Missouri, USA.
Contact: 452 244-8201

Terms and conditions of the agreement as crafted by the employer are mentioned below,

Section A

  1. This agreement shall commence from date (__/__/__) and it is crucial follow it as a whole.
  2. Employee is not allowed to work under the supervision of non- competitors of business or employer.
  3. It is the responsibility of employee to keep all the information of previous job confidential, after the employment tenure is complete.
  4. In case of termination of employee, all the terms and conditions of this agreement stay put and keep the employee from breaching information.
  5. This agreement is drafted for a period of 2 years.
  6. After the agreement period is over, employee is allowed to work wherever he likes to.
  7. In 2 years, employee is allowed to start up their own business.
  8. Non-compete agreements are drafted at the time of appointing employees to make sure they are aware of the consequences they will face it they decide to resign from the job.
  9. Employer will be responsible for paying half pay of the employees during non-compete period to refrain them going to the competitor.
  10. This agreement also highlights the geographic locations and market from where employees are barred to work.

Section B

  1. It may prevent an employee from working in the same field ever again if they decide to resign.
  2. Employees will not engage with competitors at any cost even if the job does not require sharing any trade secret of previous employment.
  3. Employees are not allowed to start a business based on the information or knowledge or skill learned at previous employment.
  4. This agreement is designed in the presence of legal counsel of both employer as well as employee.
  5. Legal counsels of employee and employer make sure that they both are treated fairly.
  6. Employer may provide allowances during the period of non-compete agreement.
  7. This agreement provides control of employer in employee’s decisions.
  8. Employer is protected from this agreement as no information or trade secret will be passed on to competitors through ex employees.
  9. This agreement is signed in the presence of two credible witnesses provided after the mutual understanding of both parties.

Employer: Chris Evans



Date: __/__/__

Employee: Derek Hugh



Date: __/__/__

Witness # 1: Rock Martin [Signature]

Witness # 2: Rock Martin [Signature]

Non-compete agreement template for Word

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