No Fault Divorce Form

What is a divorce?

The dissolution of the union or bond of marriage through legal proceedings is called a divorce. It is the ending of the agreement of matrimony between two individuals through mutual consent.

What is a no-fault divorce?

Although marriage is done through the mutual agreement of both the individuals, there may be a situation where one party may not be happy with this agreement. In doing so they may file a claim for divorce, but at the same time, the first party may not agree with this claim for divorce.

In this complex and variable situation, the divorce case filed in the court is called a no-fault divorce. These types of cases exist in all parts of the world. However, the laws and rules governing such situations may vary from country to country.

Need for the form:

Among the two persons filing for divorce, one has to submit a reason as to why he wants a divorce. The reason for such a request can be a wide range of compatibility and logical issues. This is where the no-fault divorce form is necessary.

Benefits of the form:

Some common benefits of no-fault divorce form are:

  • The person claiming the divorce needs to obtain a no-fault divorce form and completely fill it up.
  • As per the laws of the country and jurisdiction, they need to follow the legal procedure for the court proceedings
  • It is better to learn in detail about all these issues and rules beforehand.

Sample Preview

No fault divorce form


No-Fault Divorce Form
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