Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Letter Samples

Sample -1

I hope you are doing great. I am writing to express my interest in your query regarding the rental procedure of the proper [X] address. Well, to be honest, the process is simple. I am sharing a few terms and conditions of the month-to-month rental agreement, if you agree to the following terms kindly write to us or give us a call on our number [X].

We will arrange a visit of yours to inspect the property for structural issues, mechanical damages, and plumbing services. After your visit and your complete satisfaction, you will sign the agreement and deposit the amount. Afterward, you can shift to the given date in the agreement. The terms and conditions are as follows: 

  1. This agreement will be signed between Mr. [x] holding CNIC [x] and Mr. [x] holding CNIC [x] for the month-to-month rental agreement of the property [X] address. 
  2. This agreement will be valid for a period of one year from 15th October 20xx till 15th October 20xx.
  3. The tenant will be liable to pay the rent every month before or on the 10th of every month. 
  4. The mode of payment will be cash by hand. No bank transactions will be made. 
  5. The tenant can inspect the property before signing the agreement and is liable to return it in the same condition. 
  6. The landlord will be providing the service of whitewash every 6 months. 
  7. The agreement will expire on 15th October 20xx but can be extended to one more year. However, a few clauses can be added or removed in the existing contract for an extension. 
  8. The monthly rent for the property will be $[x] and will be paid monthly. After the due date, a fine of $ [x] will be charged per day. 
  9. All the bills of the property; electricity, telephone, and gas are to be paid by the tenant in the duration of the agreement. 
  10. A security amount which is equal to two months’ rent will be paid by the tenant and will be refundable on eviction after due clearance. 
  11. The agreement can be terminated by both parties on one-month prior notice. 
  12. The tenant cannot evict the house without one-month prior notice, otherwise, the amount of security will not be returned. 

If you are interested in this proposal please visit me tomorrow at 4:00 pm. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanking you in advance. 

Warm Regards, 

Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Letter

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Sample -2

As per our telephonic discussion, I am sending you the terms and conditions for the month-to-month rental agreement. Kindly, go through all the clauses with great care and let me know if you are still interested to sign the agreement. You may also visit us, at [x] address tomorrow at 4:00 pm. The terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. The month-to-month rental agreement will be made between Mr. [X] and Mr. [x] and will be valid for one year. From 6th October 20xx till 6th October 20xx.
  2. The monthly amount of the rent will be $ [x] and will be paid on or before the 1st of every month on monthly basis. Late rents are accepted with a fine of $ [x] per day. 
  3. The first rent will be paid in advance along with the security amount which is equal to the two months’ rent. However, the amount is refundable on the expiry or termination of the agreement after due clearance. 
  4. The tenant can evict the property or terminate the agreement with one-month prior notice. If the tenant wishes to leave without notice the amount of security will not be returned. 
  5. The agreement can be extended to succeeding years with an average increase of 5% in the rent every year. 

Please read these clauses and let us know if you wish to sign the agreement with us. In case you have a query, you may call me on my number [x]. Looking forward to a quick response from you. Thanking in anticipation.

Kind Regards,

Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Letter

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