Mileage Log Templates

Mileage is the most important factor to be considered while you are purchasing a new or used car. The graduated scale is used by the mileage log template to give each and every detail about the car. The graduated scale is used to show the number that acts as the best mileage.

The mileage log template is one of the most common tools which is used by many companies to track the trip of the vehicle. Tracking trip of the vehicle helps the company in calculating the operational expenses of the car. Those people who don’t know how to create the mileage log for their car can use the readymade mileage log template which is available on various websites on the internet. This template is created in MS Excel.

The objective of using the mileage log template is to keep the record of all the mileage of the car in the specific period of time. The template is also used to total the mileage which can be useful for the owner of the car or the company many ways. In order to calculate the total expenses of the car, the user of the template is also given the chance to calculate the cost per mile. Another purpose of using the mileage log template is to calculate the tax deduction when the mileage rate is the official rate set by the government.

Using the mileage log template is very easy. It requires the user to fill in the blank spaces given in the template and the total mileage is calculated by itself. The template can be customized easily. There are also some advanced features in newer and advanced version of the template which allows the user to calculate the mileage of multiple cars at a time.

Not only mileage, a lot of other activities can also be recorded in the mileage template such as expenses of the car etc. With the help of these details, one can be able to assign the driver to the car and provide many other services to it. The main components of the car mileage template are:

  1. The date on which the mileage is being recorded in the template. The date is usually updated automatically in it.
  2. The purpose of recording the mileage. In this field, you will have to specify whether you want to sell the car or for what purpose you are calculating the mileage of the car.
  3. The start odometer
  4. The end odometer
  5. Total miles covered by the car
  6. Additional notes

The performance of the car is checked by looking at the number of miles covered by the car. The more miles it has covered, more it will need the service. Whether or not the car needs to be serviced, a person is required to check the mileage of the car.

Checking the mileage is easier, however, keeping a record of it is quite tough if you don’t have any template or software for recording the mileage. The car mileage template makes it easy for the person to calculate the total mileage.

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