Meeting Minutes Template


Meeting minutes are instantly written records of a meeting noted down by a typist using shorthand memo. The meeting minutes are designed to send important points to all meeting attendees. The minutes should contain important details, including:

  • Decisions made during the meeting
  • Next steps planned
  • Identification of action items

The meeting minutes serve as a tangible record of meeting and to make your work easy the meeting minute’s template is specifically designed.

The template provides you a format to prepare meeting minutes easily. It will save your time and efforts and enables you to write subject of the meeting, date of the meeting, the purpose of meeting and name of meeting attendees. You may get a specific place to write important meeting notes, issues, and decisions. Action items will be explained in another section of the template.

How the meeting minutes template can help you

If you are going to attend a meeting in future, and responsible for taking meeting minutes too, feel free to download this template. The template is absolutely simple but professional, and you will get a defined pattern to record meeting notes.
In the template, you can easily record:

  • Date and time of meeting
  • Name of meeting participants
  • Amendments of previous meetings
  • Decisions made during meeting on agenda items
  • Future steps and voting outcomes
  • Steps were taken and rejections
  • New business details
  • Date and time of next meeting

With the help of this template, you will be able to record each and every detail about meeting to make your meeting minutes useful for future use.


meeting minutes template

DOWNLOAD: Meeting Minutes Template

Format: MS Word

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