Marriage Separation Agreement

What is marriage separation agreement?

A written document that defines how you and your spouse agrees to deal with the matters after and during separation or divorce. The separating spouses formatted a document resolving issues of property or assets, support and childcare features when they are assured that they are finally separating.

When couples decide to take separation or divorce they legally document some bindings in writing to solve the matter regarding property ownership and child care issues. It generally happens that Spouses purchase joint assets and it would be difficult in such separation circumstances to which the asset will belong. Usually, equal distribution of such property has been carried out when the case is sent to court. As well as the child raising responsibility is also shared between the spouses as described in the document so that future clashes will be avoided.

The following are common motives for pursuing a Separation

  • A couple is not ready for the divorce right now
  • A couple want to just live apart without divorce
  • Dealing with the insurance and tax issues while the spouses are living apart
  • a state requirement of a separation period before the filing of divorce
  • paying spouses expenses needs a separation agreement for tax deduction
  • for property distribution proceedings

This sample agreement is available as templates on various website. You can go through a pre-written sample of separation agreement then use the template to craft your own with the customizable toolbar as different states have their own requirement about presenting the separation agreement. Download, fill and print the form for further proceedings.

Sample Preview

marriage separation agreement template


Marriage Separation Agreement Template
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