Letter of Resignation for Retirement

The resignation letter due to retirement is not the document that notifies your employer about your departure, but it also serves as a source of communication that can be used to thank your employer for all the opportunities you have enjoyed. This type of letter is written when you want to thank your boss for the job opportunity has provided by giving the reason of retirement. The resignation letter is usually written by those people who want to leave the job immediately.

The letter is usually written one or two months before the retirement. It is a formal letter that is used to provide notice of two or more weeks and the reason of retirement in detail. Whenever you think that you should leave the job before your retirement, it is imperative to write a polite letter of resignation in formal style.

How to write a resignation letter due to the retirement?

The first paragraph of the letter is based on the introduction. In this paragraph, the reason of resigning from the job is provided. The next section includes the date at which you will quit your job. You should tell the employer that you will continue working on your seat until the last date.

In some cases, you can also recommend anyone on your behalf for the same job post on which you are working.

  • End the letter by providing your contact information so that the employer can contact you for discussion.
  • End it by saying thanks to the reader for giving proper attention to your letter and your signatures

Tips for writing a resignation letter due to retirement:

Here are the tips that can help you write an effective and a professional resignation letter.

  1. Despite the fact that you are going to leave the job, you may want to solidify your ongoing relationship with your employer. For this, writing a professional retirement letter is necessary.
  2. Avoid writing any negative statement in the letter. Write how enjoyable and pleasant experience you had by working in that company.

The following letter is a sample template that can be used as same. However, small changes for personal information need to be changed.

Sample Template

Letter of Resignation for Retirement

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