Legal Record Request Letter to An Employee

Sample -1

I am writing in response to the post of [x] you have applied for in our company. I am glad to inform you that your resume and our needs exactly meet the need of our company. Moreover, you also performed well in the interview.

You seem to have quite an experience in your field but you have not submitted the experience certificates to us. Also, the documents you have submitted for final inspection are not complete. I request you to please send the following documents to proceed with your case further. 

  1. Legal records 
  2. Experience certificates
  3. Three recent pay slips from the previous organization
  4. Clearance certificate/ certificate of character from the previous employer

As per law, Act [x] section [x], to ask for a legal record is a legal right of an employer to check whether the potential candidate has been convicted of a workplace crime (i.e., harassment charges, data breaching, etc.) or whether he has breached any legal binding with an organization. You can simply request this record by writing to your most recent employer. You can also send a copy of this letter to substantiate your request.  

Kindly provide us with the above-mentioned documents by 10th October 20xx. We will give you a final call for selection after the keen inspection of your documents. Till then wait for hearing from our side. If you have any queries regarding the documents or anything else please reach us out at our helpline [x] or drop an email at [x]. You can also visit me at my office [x] address. 

The interview feedback form is attached with this letter to update you on your areas of improvement. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,

Legal Record Request Letter to An Employee

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Sample -2

Thank you for reaching out. To give respond to your query about my previous email, I wrote to request you about your work history from your last employer. Basically, as per the tradition of evaluating the profile and service books, we are sending emails to all those employees whose files are incomplete. The email you received was a result of this annual up-gradation of files. Your profile and service book has been thoroughly evaluated and the following documents are missing from it:

  1. Legal Record
  2. Letter of Recommendation from the previous employer
  3. Work history

I request you to please send the hard copy of all the documents to my office by 5th October 20xx till 4:00 pm. You also need to send the scanned copy of the above-mentioned documents in the reply to this email. Please do not forget to take your head/supervisor in the loop.  

To answer your second question about obtaining the legal record, let me tell you the process is quite simple. You can simply drop an email to your previous employer and can request a legal record. Let me clarify that as per law, act [x] section [x], it is a legal right of an employer to ask for the legal record to be sure that whether the employee has broken any legal binding. Do not hesitate to ask for the document. If you need my assistance, visit my office today till 4:00 pm. Or give me a call on my number [x].

If you would fail by any means to provide us with the documents asked for, your annual increment will be at stake. So, kindly cooperate with me and provide me with the documents mentioned- above. You have my permission to send a copy of this letter with your request letter for legal record and recommendation. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

Kind Regards, 

Legal Record Request Letter to An Employee

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