Lease Termination Notice to Landlord

Sample Notice -1

It is to bring to your attention that I intend to vacate your apartment situated at [X]. As you know we signed an agreement for renting the apartment on 5th May 20xx for the period of one year. The clause of the agreement states:

“This agreement will be valid from 5th May 20xx to 5th May 20xx for the duration of one year. However, if the tenant and the landlord mutually agree then this period can be increased and extended for more years with a new agreement and a 5 percent increase of current rent will be payable by the tenant as a new rent.”

Following the terms, I am giving you one month’s notice before leaving. My leaving notice will be effective from 5th April 20xx and I will leave the apartment on 5th May 20xx. I do not wish to sign a new agreement as I am moving out of the city for work purposes.

I request you to please be around at the time of my departure so I may hand over the keys to the apartment to you. As far as the security deposit is concerned, as per our agreement, if there are no major damages to the property, the full amount of the security will be returned to the tenant. Well, in my humble knowledge, no such harm has been made to the building.

However, you are most welcome to visit and inspect the house for your satisfaction. You may send the amount of security deposit directly to my bank [x] account no [x]. I am available this Monday, in case you are free to visit, please give me a call on my number [x].

You have been a cooperative landlord throughout my stay at your place. I have paid the rent for the current month and have attached the receipt herewith. In case you need some more information or need to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me. With gratitude, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanking in anticipation.

Warm Regards,

Lease termination notice to landlord

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Sample Notice -2

As per our last telephonic discussion, I hereby inform you in writing that I will be vacating your house next month on 7th June 20xx. As per our agreement, we sign a contract last year which is expiring in the next month. I do not wish to re-sign it so consider this letter as my lease termination notice effective from 7th May 20xx.

I am giving 30 days prior notice before leaving the house as I intend to leave on 7th June 20xx. I have already paid the rent for this month and attached the receipt for perusal.

The amount I have deposited for security was refundable and I hereby claim a full security refund. However, if you need to inspect the house to find any damages you are welcome to visit me on Monday 17th May 20xx at 4:00 pm. However please itemized the list of damages and send them in writing.

I have already informed our property agent Mr. Paul Smith, the one who helped us sign the agreement, about my intention to terminate the lease. You will be hearing from him soon.

I had a good time in your house and you remained cooperative throughout my stay. I also wanted to thank you personally. Please accept my invitation to lunch on Wednesday 12th May 20xx as a token of gratitude. Also, in case you want to contact me to get in touch you may call me on my number [x].

I have also attached a copy of our rental agreement with this letter. In case you need any further documentation or clearance, please feel free to contact me on the number mentioned above.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you in advance.

Warm Regards,  

Lease termination notice to landlord

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