Last Will and Testament Letter


I am writing this letter to inform you about my last will and testament. I Sarah Henderson, holding CNIC [x] and a resident of [x] address hereby declare this letter to be considered as my last will. This will have three sections: declarations, executor, and personal property. 


  • I declare that I am making this will in a perfect state of mind, without any pressure or fear of anyone.
  • I hereby declare that my marital status is married and I am married to Christopher Henderson holding CNIC [x] and residing at [x] address. 
  • I also declare that following are my children: 

    Thomas Dickens Henderson, born on 5th March 19xx
    Jennifer Gloria Henderson, born on 7th October 19xx
    I hereby undertake that other than the above-mentioned children, I have no adopted son or daughter. 


  • I hereby declare my Spouse Mr. Christopher Henderson to the executor of my will and to be agent o deal with all the financial matters. 
  • I declare my son Thomas to be the successor of Christopher and Jennifer to be his successor. 
  • I hitherto am not under any loan to be repaid but if I am after the making of this will I would like to direct my spouse to pay the loan. 
  • I want my agent to bear all my last medical and funeral expenses too. 

Personal Property:

The details and a copy of documents of my personal property is attached with this letter. 

I want all my property to be equally distributed among all my beneficiaries including my spouse, my son, and my daughter. 

If you want to discuss anything further, give me a call at my number[x] or visit me personally. Kindly acknowledge this letter and help me make it a legal document. Thanking in anticipation. 


Last will and testament letter

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I Alayna Kristina, holding CNIC [x] living at [x] address would like to inform you about my last will and testament. This letter will serve as proof of my preferences about my property distribution among my heirs and beneficiaries. I hereby undertake that I have no loan to repay to a bank or any other person or organization. The details of my property are as follows:

Houses: 2 

Shops: 2

Cars: 1

Motorcycle: 1

A copy of the registry of the above-mentioned assets is attached for your reference. The details of my beneficiaries are as follow:

Daughters: 2 (Juana 18 years and Christine 20 years)

Son: 1 (Ezekiel 22 years)

I would like my property to be distributed among my children in the following way:

One house and one shop are to be given to my Son Ezekiel, The other house and car are to be given to my elder daughter Christine and the other shop and motorcycle are to be given to my younger daughter. 

Whatever cash is available in my bank account or home should not be given to any of my children, rather it should be given to trust [x]. 

I also nominate Mr. Ezra Mural, holding CNIC no [x], residing at [x] to be my legal agent to deal with my financial matters after I am gone. I undertake that I am taking all the above-mentioned decisions on my own, willing and without any pressure. I am also sending a copy of this letter to my agent Mr. Ezra Mural to keep him updated. 

In case you need to discuss anything further to process it to make it a legal document please drop an email at [x] or give me a call at my number [x]. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 


Last will and testament letter

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