Junior Product Manager Resignation Letter

Junior product managers work at the entry level of the employment and are given the responsibility of developing the products for the company. The common duties of the junior project manager include researching the market, coordinating with the stakeholders, organizing the events of product launching and analyzing the feedback from the customers. A resignation letter by a junior product manager is required to be written when he wants to leave his job.

Letter of resignation is totally same as other business letters in terms of structure. It is divided into three parts. The first part of the letter is the introductory part. The second part is the body and the third is the conclusion. Although the format of the letter is very simple, writing an effective content of the letter is something very challenging.

The most challenging part of the resignation letter is starting date with the powerful words and emotions. A resignation letter shouldn’t be taken as a medium to express all your grudges and misgivings about your former employer because it’s of no use.

Keeping the tone of your letter positive is very important because there comes a point in your life when you have to get your former employers assistance.

You should also be kept in mind that resignation letter is not a diary. The main intention of writing this letter is to briefly explain your decision of resignation.

So, it should be kept clear cut. Writing a long resignation letter may get your focus content lost. Here is a sample letter for product managers to let them get an idea about a professional document.

Junior product Manager Resignation letter:


As required by my contract of employment with your company, I am giving you 2 months’ notice of intention of leaving the position of junior product manager. During this time, I would like to wrap up all of my duties. I am also ready to help you in training the replacement. Please let me know if there is any way by which I can help you in the process of translation in your company.


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Junior product manager resignation letter


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