Job Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

Employees are the real asset of a company and they are the most valuable investment a company makes. The cost of hiring and training an employee is quite high. So, when an employee leaves the job, it can be a loss making expense for the company. We might feel that finding a job is hard, but if we ask recruiters, they can tell that finding good employees is even harder.

Retaining employees is an art which very few companies can master. No one can force an employee to stay. But companies can improve the way they can reduce the retention. Sometimes, employees can leave due to better opportunities and other times, employees have to leave because they are moving to some other country or city.

Losing an employee cannot be quantified but it is a major loss for the company in terms of the expertise and skills of the employee, the relationship that an employee has maintained with vendors and suppliers and the colleagues they hook up with at work.

Resigning from a job can be hard but if done gracefully, it can be made easy. Planning you resignation is very important. Yes, as funny it might sound, but the way you plan your new job, you have to plan your resignation as well. The moment you decide to resign, always speaks to your manager about your plans. After that, write a formal resignation letter and provide at least a 30-day notice. If you have a decided notice period, you should serve that. If your employer requests you to stay more or serve a longer notice period, you have considered doing that.

You might hate your job and your boss, but even then make sure you write a professional resignation. Do not severe your relationships as you never know you might need a reference from your former employer.

After resigning officially, make sure you have enough time to return all the belongings you have like the emails, correspondence and you can even volunteer the new hire. This way, you will keep a healthy relationship with your employer.

A 30-day notice is an enough period to request for your settlement and any documents you might need for leaving. Also, it is enough time for the company to prepare for your resignation. Do not forget to meet your colleagues and your manager before you bade good bye.

Sample Letter

Job resignation letter with 30 days notice