Job Exist Forms

What is job exist form?

A written document or formal request by an individual working in an organization whereby he exhibits his desire to continue working in the same position as he was in the current job is called a job exist form.

Why submit the form?

This form is necessary and used in situations where an employee has been transferred or posted to another station or appointment. He might also be leaving the job on the whole. In this scenario, he might have submitted a resignation from the current job and specified a valid reason for this resignation.

Later on due to some unforeseen circumstances he or she might want to withdraw the resignation and continue his/her current job as it is. Same is the case when a transfer or posting has been postponed canceled. In all these scenarios the employee will use a job exist form and fill it up and submit to the designated authorities.

As per the standard operating procedures and rules and regulations of the organization a decision will be taken in this regard. But the decision making authority will lie with the company.

Contents of the form:

Some common contents of the job exist form include the following:

  • Name of employee
  • Designation and appointment
  • Contact information
  • Job details
  • Name of employer

The timing of the submission of the document is of critical importance for its effectiveness. If the form is submitted after the due date then it becomes ineffective.

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