House Rental Agreement Template

House rental agreement is a contract devised by landlords or homeowners for their tenants. It is a document of rules and regulations that are abiding by the tenants in any condition.

The agreement from date (__/__/__) till date (__/__/__) is read and signed by following individuals,

Homeowner: Patrick Dempsey
Address: East River Road

Tenant: Eric Dane
Address: New Hamptons

Terms and conditions imposed by the homeowners are mentioned below,

  1. Tenants are allowed to shift their luggage and belongings from 1st date of next month.
  2. A deposit of $[X] will be submitted to the homeowner before shifting.
  3. The deposit will be paid back to the tenants upon leaving the house permanently.
  4. Rent for each month is allocated to be $[X].
  5. Rent should be paid on the 5th of each month without any intimation from the homeowner.
  6. In case of non-delivery of rent, 5 days extra will be provided by the homeowner before 1st warning.
  7. 2nd warning will be delivered 5 days after the first and 3rd warning will be given 10 days after 2nd warning.
  8. After 3 warnings, tenants will be asked to shift their belongings and vacate the house.
  9. During the stay, any broken or damaged property will lead to a deduction in the deposit.
  10. In case of any faulty floor or motor, the homeowner will be immediately communicated, and necessary measures can be taken.
  11. Tenants are not allowed to play any loud music or noise after 12 at night.
  12. Tenants are allowed to have visitors for a stay but the stay should not exceed 5 days.
  13. An area of the house belongs to the homeowner and some belongings are still there, tenants are not allowed to touch them.
  14. Paying all the utility bills is the duty of tenants and it should be paid on time to avoid notice.
  15. If tenants are engaged in any criminal activity and it involves law enforcement, then tenants will be asked to vacate the house immediately without any notice.
  16. Before leaving permanently, tenants should tell the homeowner before 1 month so that homeowner can arrange new tenants.
  17. Before leaving, the homeowner will check up the entire house and the amount of all damages done to the property will be deducted from the deposit.
  18. Tenants are not allowed to paint walls, add, or remove any shelf or cupboard, scratch-off paints from walls, destroy wood flooring, or any other damage.
  19. Tenants are not allowed to drink or smoke even in their own house or have guests that are fond of these habits.
  20. The homeowner is an elderly man and is unable to pay bills sometimes therefore, tenants should cooperate in every manner possible.
  21. Before leaving for any vacation, tenants are expected to turn off the main switchboard to avoid any electrical incident in their absence.
  22. Tenants should hand over their keys to the homeowner before leaving for a vacation.

Homeowner: Patrick Dempsey



Date: (__/__/__)

Tenant:  Eric Dane



Date: (__/__/__)

House rental agreement template