Customer Feedback Form

Definition of Feedback:

The information that is received as a reaction to a process and then fed backs into the system to improve the process or maintains the status quo is called feedback.

What is customer feedback form?

The customer feedback form is a written document or tool that is utilized to get the response or reaction from a person about any event, occasion, product or service. This kind of a feedback form is used in various institutions and organizations at different levels.

Common users of Feedback forms:

Some common users of feedback forms include the following:

  • Students who are required to provide feedback about their teachers or course.
  • Training individuals requested to provide feedback about instructor and training effectiveness.
  • Patients who have availed the services of a hospital.
  • People eating out at a restaurant or staying at a hotel.
  • Anyone availing banking services or rent a car service.

and much more.

The uses of feedback form are not restricted to these above-mentioned things only. Rather it can be utilized in different forms and to obtain different kinds of information. All you need to do is take one template form and modify it according to the needs of your business or organization.

Importance of Feedback:

The feedback taken through these forms need to be analyzed carefully by experts and used to bring about positive and constructive improvements in process and products and services. Any negative complaints and problems should be addressed by the management to provide the customers a good buying and using experience.

Sample Preview

Customer feedback form


Customer Feedback Form
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