General Manager Resignation Letter

The general managers are responsible for overseeing the operations taking place in the company. They are professional skilled people who are assigned several duties such as hiring new employees, handling budgets, implementing the strategies of the company etc.

There can be many situations in which a person working as a general manager in any firm can decide to resign from his job role.

In order to write an effective resignation letter, you are required to have complete information about the basics to be included in the resignation letter. The first thing to consider while writing this letter is the tone. Since this letter is a formal document, the tone should be professional.

The message that you want to be conveyed through your resignation letter should also be considered before it is added to the letter. For example, if you want to show the gratefulness in your letter, express it with the example or any incident that has really made you grateful.

Appreciation of the employer in the resignation letter is one of the key components that strengthen your relationship with your boss. Apart from appreciation, the heartfelt wishes should also be written at the end. Whether you are retiring or just want to move on, the sample resignation letter given below can give you a good start.

General Manager Resignation letter:


Please accept this formal document as my resignation from the post of general manager effective two weeks from today. My last day at work will be August 22. I appreciate the opportunities provided to me over the past 5 years. I have enjoyed the responsibilities I have had there, including handling budgets, providing customer services, overseeing the business opportunities, ensuring the complete implementation of the policies of the firm. Because of all these responsibilities, I was able to learn a lot and I will take all my learned skills with me to help me out in future. I wish you and the company [ABC] success in the future.


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General manager resignation letter


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