Genealogy Record Request Letter from Library

If you are in need to get the copy of your ancestors’ obituaries newspaper record, you can write a letter to request the library for providing you with the genealogy record.

The libraries have managed to keep the record of the people by preparing obituary indexes, community histories and number of reference tools. There are a lot of people who want to get the record of their ancestors from the library but are unable to get it.

The main reason for their failure is not providing the details of their relatives in the letter. An incomplete letter with no proper information makes it hard for the library management to track the record.

Tips to write an effective letter to the library:

  1. Proofread the letter:

It is always recommended to proofread the letter thoroughly so that the letter will be free from all the mistakes related to grammar and spellings. Most of the letters do not work turn out to be beneficial for the recipient because of having lots of errors.

  1. Provide proper information:

The letter should include all the details that are required to track a particular record. The details included in the letter are:

  1. Place of residence
  2. Names of the relatives
  3. Alternative spellings of the names
  4. The name of the spouse or children

Just make sure that given information is accurate to make it useful for the library staff in tracking the record of the person you want.

  1. Provide the source of information:

Providing the source in the letter also makes it easier to track the record. If the information you want to be tracked is a news article, then the source of that article including the name of the newspaper, the date on which it was published, a copy of the news article, etc. should be provided in the letter.

  1. Stay polite:

Since you are writing a request letter, it is important for you to stay courteous and polite. You can send the self-addressed envelope which is always appreciated by the staff of the library.

The following letter will help you write a letter for the purpose. It is all in ready to use format. DOWNLOAD & customize with your personal details before you forward it to the library management.

Sample Template

Genealogy record request letter from library

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