Furlough Letter to an Employee


I am writing to inform you that our company is going through an extreme financial crisis. The economy of the country is not stable and it surely has affected our company too. In the best interest of the company, a meeting was held to deal with the current financial situation. The following suggestions were made in the meeting: 

  1. The company is unable to pay the salary of such a huge number of employees 
  2. Downsizing would be the best option to meet the needs of the market in the current scenario. 

However, the president has rejected the suggestion of downsizing and offered the option of furlough leave instead. I regretfully inform you that your name is on the list too. This leave will be valid from 20th October 20xx till 20th January 20xx. No salary will be paid during this period however, I assure you that your job will remain intact during this period. If you want to resign and look for another opportunity you may need to contact the human resource department. You can avail all other perks like medical insurance etc. during this period. Also, these three months will be counted in your service. 

If you have any further queries, you may ask the human resource department by calling at [x] or writing an email at [x]. Upon your rejoining after the furlough period do not forget to report back in writing by replying to this email with endorsement from your head/supervisor. Looking forward to working with you. Thank you for your continuous support. 

Kind Regards, 

Furlough letter to employee


We are writing with the reference to the current pandemic situation created due to Covid-19 and its effect on personal, social, and professional life. It is requested to all the employees who feel that they cannot perform their duties with professional enthusiasm, apply for a furlough leave. Organization [X] always cares for its employees. We know you all are going through tough times. It is a moment of chaos. Most of us are going through social anxiety.

Considering all the situations Organization [x] has decided to welcome applications of furlough. If you think you belong to the categories mentioned below, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

  1. Employees who cannot perform at least 50 percent of their core job duties.
  2. Employees who hold a position that in this time of pandemic is not essential to fulfil and support the mission and goals of the organization.

Through this email, we are requesting you to send an application for furlough leave. This leave can be availed for the time period of 3 months and can be extended to 3 months further. During the furlough period, no salary will be given to the employee so it will be almost like a leave without pay scenario.

However, the good news is that the status of the employee will be considered active and all these months will be included in the service of the employee. All the employees on the furlough leave do not need to report back to work till their leave is over. Once the leave is over they need to email HR to rejoin the work and require to get approval in writing from the Human Resource Department. 

We assure you that your job will remain intact during this period, also you will be able to enjoy the extra benefit like medical, etc. However, if you want to resign to avail of any new opportunity you cannot do it before informing HR. Those of you who are interested in sending their consent for furlough letter can write us back at [x]. You also need an endorsement of the email from your current head/ supervisor. 

We hope and pray you all remain safe during these testing times. 

Warm Regards, 

Furlough letter to employee template
Furlough letter to employee template