Funeral Checklist

Since death is sudden, everything that death brings in sudden. You’re not given a prior warning by the angel of death that he’s going to take away one of your relatives. So whatever happens once someone’s gone happens haphazardly. The first thing to do after such an incident occurs is to inform the friends & family of the death of the person. Since this may be done on phone calls, what accompanies a death is a funeral ceremony. People of every place and country have their own norms of how to arrange the funeral gathering. For that, invitations are usually sent to the close relatives and acquaintances so that they may attend the ceremony to say a last goodbye to the deceased.

We won’t be talking about professionalism here since this is death that we’re talking about but whatever the case might be, responsible attitude necessarily has to be there. Making funeral cards abruptly can be problematic especially if you do mess with the dates and times and also with the names. The people coming at the ceremony may find you roaming around here and there while they had received a card of your funeral. What happened? Oh! Someone did mess with the name while making the cards. This sounds a little improbable but bets this can happen too.

Coming back to the funeral templates, a funeral checklist template usually has;

  • The name of deceased on it
  • His date of birth and death,
  • The date, time and place of the funeral ceremony.

Not always but sometimes funeral cards have the photo of deceased too and a piece of poem paying tribute to the deceased (which he is never going to receive).

We wish all your relatives a happy long life but since we have already said that death is sudden, we’ve designed funeral checklist template and have published that here on our website. May the case never come but in case you are required to make a funeral checklist or statements you can surf some of our templates for instant use since …. Death is sudden.


Funeral checklist