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In today’s day and age with the enthusiasm of digital and social media, where everything is done in a different way, event flyers are a more traditional way of advertising. Handing out flyers ensures that the information one intended to get to a certain amount of people actually got to them.

Any event flyer is a good way to let others know about your event, it is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to promote the event. Any flyer needs to be attractive, simple to read and understand, and it should stand out from all the other flyers out there and the flyer templates given here just manages to do that.


A flyer is a single sheet of paper which is used to promote or advertise some company or its product or any of its event. It has been utilized a lot for some years due to its affordability and the way it saves tons of money for people.

picnic party flyer template

DOWNLOAD: Picnic Party Flyer

Every flyer requires some basic information, without which the flyer isn’t able to go out to the public;

  1. You need to mention your contact details…if someone is interested and doesn’t understand the venue or has any query, he/she should be able to contact you right away.
  2. The venue is obviously a priority.
  3. Don’t over write…keep the words and sentences precise (stories aren’t required)
  4. The most attractive part…take an idea which makes people come to your event without having an excuse to dump it anyhow!



garage sale flyer template

DOWNLOAD: Garage Sale Flyer

The thing to focus on in a flyer is basically the concept of your theme or idea and how well you create it! Moreover, people really look forward to a great collection of drinks on such parties, it is best to leave some names on the flyer, letting people know about the variety that awaits them!


event flyer template

DOWNLOAD: Event Flyer Template

An event flyer informs people about the specific event. It invites people into a mesmerizing world of dancing, laughter, fun, music and drinking along with the excitement that comes with clubbing. The event flyer informs people about the dates and days the event is going to be celebrated. The flyer furthermore informs about the different activities which will take place during the time that its open, for example, Karaoke night. It also lists when and where you can purchase the tickets. Usually, the flyer will also list a couple of phone numbers. It is a very colorful, bright and inviting foyer.


Lost pet flyer template

DOWNLOAD: Lost Pet Flyer

One of the most powerful marketing tools, the flyers are used to spread awareness about a certain event which will take place. Marketing plays a very big role in keeping you in business.


sales flyer template

DOWNLOAD: Sales Flyer Template

Clubs are taking over the hearts of people and the upcoming generation is in love with them. Clubs are the perfect place to spend your weekend night or hang out with your friends in the name of celebrations. Music, dancing and food…what else can a person ask for, if he/she is dying to relax? Well, with summers on their way, the events are also rising.


party flyer template

DOWNLOAD: Party Flyer Template

Club events are really fun to attend and people who are club freaks, won’t leave them for anything. But what about those who don’t visit the club very often? Do you aim at attracting them towards your glow club event? Then let your flyer do the miracle.


Flyers have become one of the most utilized means of promoting anything and people really make an effort on designing their flyers, just so that their event sells and they are able to make twice the moment they have spent on the party itself. However, making a Car for Sale Flyer isn’t a difficult task but adding some special and eye-catching features to it, can be a little dodgy.

car for sale flyer template

DOWNLOAD: Car for Sale Flyer

The heat is really making everyone stop for some drinks now and then and you would seriously do anything to quench your thirst which the blistering heat, shining upon your head! Well, what If you get a summer party flyer in your hand, on your way from college with not just a proper arrangement of quenching your thirst, but also offering you some really admirable and exciting features?


summer event flyer template    winter event flyer template  fall event flyer template

DOWNLOAD: Summer Event Flyer Template
DOWNLOAD: Winter Event Flyer Template
DOWNLOAD: Fall Event Flyer

If you are planning to hold this party on the beach then maybe your theme can be surrounded by women in bikinis? It actually works for attracting some handsome men your way. You can even try making male figures as well, maybe you are lucky enough to bring some pretty girls?

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