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The export packing list template is a very important document that is used for official purposes in the field of foreign trade. Export items are those goods and commodities that are sent to locations outside the country or city of origin.

The export packing list template is a document that is mostly pasted on top of a box or crate that contains the list of all the items that are being exported to another location through courier or cargo services.

The document is used for official purposes like customs duties. It is not just a list of all the export items but also exhibits the destination from where the products have been sent, where the products are being shipped, the companies and organizations involved and many other such related information items.

In many cases, this export packing list is also known as a cargo slip or a delivery slip. The customs officials will review and inspect all the export items in the baggage or cargo and then compare it with the export packing list to see if there is any discrepancy.

If all the documents and items are in order than the customs officials will put their stamp of clearance of the cargo and it will be ready to be shipped. The export packing list template will also help the receiving party to recognize or identify their cargo among the all other items.

Thus it is a very useful and helpful list that can be used to make the lives of the exporters and importers much easier and convenient.


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Export Packing List Template
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