Event Sponsorship Agreement Template for Word

An event sponsorship agreement is a written document that highlights all the conditions of a joint venture between the event organizer and sponsor. Sponsors are mostly multinational companies that use different marketing strategies to increase their customers and are always coming up with new ideas.

Event organizers are mostly a team of members that organize various events and draw the attention of the public through activities and noble causes. An event sponsorship agreement is a joint venture between both parties that result in the benefits of both partners. Due to this agreement, organizers or hosts are funded with finances that provide them the opportunity to showcase their event organizing skills and make their name in the market whereas, sponsors pay organizers for marketing their products and logos to the public.

The template of the event sponsorship agreement is presented below,

Sample Template

This agreement is drafted on the date (__/__/__) between the following parties,

Event Organizer

Name: XYZ Organizer
Address: 34 Hill Orwell.
Contact: 345 245-9202


Name: ABC Company
Address: 97 Main Boulevard
Contact: 466 849-8292

Terms and conditions of the following agreement are mentioned below,

Section -A

  1. This agreement shall commence from date (__/__/__) and should be taken seriously by all the involved parties.
  2. This agreement shall continue to the complete period of 2 years unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with the agreement.
  3. Event organizer or host shall make necessary arrangements to highlight and promote awareness regarding the sponsor.
  4. Host shall include activities for the public that signifies the true rationale of the sponsor.
  5. All the recommendations and opinions of the sponsor shall be given weightage in entire event.
  6. Host team shall work closely with the sponsors’ team to understand their requirements and make amendments to their event if needed.
  7. Sponsor shall not question the working method of host or any team members.
  8. In case of any issue, managers of both parties should conduct a meeting and sort everything out.
  9. Sponsor shall make their requirements very clear before host to get desired results.
  10. Sponsor shall pay registration fee and other dues as incurred by the organizers.

Section -B

  1. Fees should be paid within the duration of 30 working days as prescribed by organizers.
  2. Host may generate invoices for sponsorship fees to manage resources of the event before it has been conducted.
  3. If sponsor fails to pay the fees in required period then host shall put interest on overall fees.
  4. Sponsor shall provide host with their trademark and other necessary slogans that signify their achievements.
  5. Host shall keep sponsors informed about the progress of event and public reviews regarding their product.
  6. Event shall include sponsor marks to make sure that visitors are aware of sponsorship.
  7. Host shall not be held accountable for the loss of income, profit, customers, or any other information valuable to the sponsors.
  8. Host shall not be held responsible for any damage or delay, loss of life or any other loss.
  9. Host shall not share classified information of sponsors gatherer or provided during event organization.
  10. In case of agreement termination, host shall no longer use the marks and slogans of sponsors.

Section -C

  1. Host shall no longer enjoy benefits acquired through their professional relations with sponsors.
  2. In case of earlier agreement termination by any party, it is important to inform other party before 30 days.
  3. Host shall pay a portion of sponsorship fee back to sponsors in earlier termination.
  4. Sponsors shall not defame host in the business community if things do not work out between both parties.
  5. If the agreement successfully completes its course, another agreement shall be drafted in case of another joint venture.
  6. Host shall use limited access to the sponsors logos and products and continue endorsing them which benefits both parties.
  7. All the terms and conditions of upcoming agreements shall be drafted among both parties in a manner that benefits both parties.
  8. The agreement shall be signed in the presence of credible witnesses to help in making process run smoothly.

Event Organizer: XYZ Organizer



Sponsor: ABC Company



Witness #1: Chris Amish



Witness #2: Jessica Roberts



Event Sponsorship Agreement Template

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