Equipment Rental Agreement Letter Samples

Sample -1

I am writing to acknowledge your request for equipment rental of a car, which you sent on 17th October 20xx. I am glad to inform you that you chose the right place to contact. Our company [x] deals with the rental of cars of all models and designs. As per your requested requirements, I am pleased to tell you, we have an exact match to meet your needs. If you are interested to rent a car from us you may go through the following terms and conditions for the agreement and let us know as soon as possible. The details of the car are as follows:

Type of rental equipment: Car

Model of the car: [x]

Make: [X]

Year: 20xx

Seating capacity: 5

Engine: {X}

The terms and conditions of the agreement are as follows: 

  1. The rental equipment (car) will be given on lease for the following duration from October 29th 20xx till 29th March 20xx.
  2. The payment for the rental equipment will be $[X] and will be made monthly before or on the 10th of every month. 
  3. The lessee can terminate the lease on one month notice.
  4. Security amount of $ [x] which is equal to two months lease must be submitted along with the first rental instalment. 
  5. If the leaseholder will be terminating the agreement before one month notice, no security deposit will be returned. 
  6. The duration of the lease does not cover any kind of insurance for the car.
  7. All the damages must be bored by the leaseholder. The car must be returned on the due date in its original condition. 
  8. In case of loss and theft, the leaseholder is legally bound to pay the original price of the rental equipment. 

In case you agree with all the terms mentioned- above, you may visit our office on Monday 28th October 20xx. We will let you inspect the car. Moreover, a test drive is complimentary from our side. You can give us a call at [x] in case you have any queries. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Hope to serve you in near future. Thank you.

Warm Regards, 

Equipment rental agreement letter

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Sample -2

In response to your query about the rental equipment, I am writing to inform you that we deal in all kinds of furniture rental. As per your requirements, you need a bed, a dresser, and two side tables for a period of three months. Well, we have an appropriate match for your need. The bed and the other furniture are made from oak wood as you desired and thus a bit costly than other wood furniture.

However, if you are not comfortable with this budget we also have other options available for you. It would be great if you could visit us tomorrow at 4:00 pm so we can show you all the items available in the store. However, if you are interested in oak furniture following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

The following items will be available for an equipment rental agreement for the period of three months, from 30th October 20xx till 30th January 20xx:

Bed: 1

Side tables: 2

Dresser: 1

  1. The monthly rent for the above-mentioned items will be $ [X] and is to be paid monthly on or before 5th October 20xx. Late payments will be considered with a fine of [x] $ per day.
  2. In case of theft, the original price of the rental equipment will be paid by the leaseholder.
  3. If the furniture is found damaged, the leaseholder will be liable to pay for the damages.
  4. The agreement can be terminated on one-month prior notice otherwise the amount of security which is $ [x] will not be refunded. 

Kindly let us know when you will be available to sign the agreement. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. In case of further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on our number [x]. Thanking you in anticipation.  

Warm Regards,

Equipment rental agreement letter

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