Divorce Agreement Template for Word

A divorce agreement is a contract stating all the terms and conditions of personal and professional affairs after the annulment of official marriage between two individuals. This agreement can be termed as an understanding reached between husband and wife regarding their family and financial proceedings. A divorce agreement is an official document and can be used in a court of law.

The template for the divorce agreement is presented below,

Divorce Agreement Template

The agreement below is a written draft and signed by both parties. The undertaking is the proof of agreement of all the terms mentioned in the agreement.


Name: Eric Dane
Address: 84 Heaven Street, Shadipura UK.
Contact: 749 849-8302


Name: Julia Dane
Address: 74 East River Road, Barkatpura, UK.
Contact: 849 739-8391

Terms and conditions of the agreement decided by both individuals are mentioned below,

Section -A

  1. This agreement will be commenced from date (__/__/__) and both parties will be responsible for following all the clauses.
  2. This agreement is drafted after a complete understanding of both parties to separate their ways as they do not see a future together.
  3. All 3 children aged 9, 7, and 3 will love their mother till they reach the age of 18.
  4. Husband has the right of visiting children once a week
  5. Husband will provide care and support for every child.
  6. It is compulsory for both parents to attend all the events of school if required.
  7. Both parents will be present at doctor appointments if children are sick and require medical attention.
  8. This agreement terminates all the ways of getting back together for both individuals.
  9. If any individual wishes to marry someone, the other party cannot object to the decision.
  10. From all the husband’s property, the house will be named after the wife.
  11. Wife will have no share in the rest of the property of the husband.

Section -B

  1. If the husband will, he can transfer his property to his children, but it is not compulsory.
  2. If the wife decides to leave the country with children for a vacation or visit, she has to inform her husband a week before.
  3. All the visitation times of the husband should be compensated without any hurdle.
  4. In good faith, the husband is willing to pay off all the debts of the wife regarding shopping for jewelry and other expensive items.
  5. If the wife is highly indebted to anyone later, the husband will file a claim for guardianship of all children.
  6. Fully furnished house will be the property of a woman where she can live with children without any interference from her husband.
  7. Wife is not allowed to sell this house for the next 10 years.
  8. Wife can only transfer the property to her children and no one else.
  9. Agreement will take place in the presence of 2 credible witnesses whose signatures will also be recorded.
  10. In the case of amendments of certain clauses, any individual can file a petition for renewal.


Husband: Eric Dane [Signature]

Wife: Julia Dane [Signature]

Witness # 1: Chris Legend [Full name & signature]

Witness # 2: Rick Martin [Full name & signature]

Date: [DD/MM/YYYY]

Divorce agreement template

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