Daily Calories & Fat Percentage Log

Calories are the energy that we consume when we eat or drink. Calories can be of two types. The first one is the small calorie. And then another one is the large calorie. Calories have become a taboo in our society these days. When we hear this word, various diseases come in our mind. All these concepts are wrong as our body needs calories. But what is more important is to understand a number of calories that our body needs.

Our age, size, and activity levels determine the number of calories we need. Different foods have different levels of calories. Junk foods are found to have high levels of calories whereas, vegetables are less in calories. Empty calories is another name for the calories which are high in energy but have no nutritional value. Ice-cream is a good example of empty calories.

Most of the times, we link calories with foods and drinks. Whereas, anything that has energy has calories in them like coal has high levels of calories. Our body needs these calories. Without these calories, the cells will get weak and will start to die eventually. If we want to enjoy a healthy life, we need to consume the balanced amount of calories.

Over or under consumption of calories can affect our body and health. Everybody has a different requirement for calories. An athlete who has to perform exercises and works out regularly will need high consumption of calories. According to the NHS services in the UK, an average man needs 2700 calories in a day whereas an average woman needs 2200 calories. A good healthy breakfast that has a total of 700 calories is an ideal amount to live a healthy life.

According to a statistics provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), 11% of Americans get their calories from junk food. Maintaining a calorie and fat log can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy life. It helps you to calculate your calories count, understand your eating habits & can even aid in maintaining a diet. Using a calories log is very easy. You just have to enter the foods you consume in a day and the log will tell you a number of calories you are taking. Before using a calorie log, it is a good practice to calculate the calorie requirement of the body.

Calories & Fat Percentage Log

Daily Calories and Fat Percentage Log


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