Customer Information & Ranking Sheet

A company can remember the important details of the customers if it is using the customer ranking tool template. The company can also see the top customers and then it can deal with them in more appropriate way. Not only top customer but other customers are also added to the list of the company and then they are also dealt with great care which makes them the top customers of the company one day.

The company can make and keep contact with the old customers if it has customer ranking tool in use. There are different types of customer ranking tools. The decision about the choice of customer ranking tool is completely based on the type of the business if someone is running and also the type of customers. Some companies want to rank the customers in order to know several aspects of the company. The ranking is done usually on the basis of some specific features.

These features include the recency, frequency, customer’s monetary values and also the details of those customers who have recently purchased something from the company. The ranking is also based on the customers who make purchases from the company more frequently. The template for the customer ranking tool is available on the internet free of cost. You can use for your company if you want to save your money and energy. There are some very easy to use tools available in the ranking tools for the company which it can use to rank the customers.

Given sheet is helpful in maintaining a record of customer’s information & gross profit business deals. You can categorize and prepare a list of all of your business customers according to total sales and gross profit. The sheet holds the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Total Sales
  • Cost of Sales
  • Gross Profit

Utilizing all this information a graph can be plotted to check which customer is making good business with better gross profit. This information is vital for future endeavors.

Customer Information and Ranking Sheet


Format: Excel .xls | Size 42 KB

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